Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd beta

I had my second beta today. My hcg is 1,581, which I am quite pleased with! The nurse said that is progressing beautifully. She also said that my progesterone was just above 15 and they want it to be at a 20 so they are having me increase the prometrium to 3 times a day. That has me a little concerned but she told me that it isn't anything that I should worry about.

I've been having some cramping today, which I know is normal at this point but it's so unnerving. I also know that it could be due to the low progesterone but I still can't stop wondering if this will end in a miscarriage. Tonight I saw a tiny speck of blood on the toilet paper so now I'm even more freaked out. I guess at this point I'm going to try and force myself to go to sleep... There really isn't anything else I can do right?

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Lauren said...

That is a great beta! Yay!

For a long time after I got pregnant I got period-like cramps all the time, and it made me nervous too.

I know its hard, but just *try* to enjoy being pregnant! The nerves are going to take awhile to get over, so just try to enjoy the ride!

To A T said...

Thinking of you Coco! I hope everything is going great!