Saturday, March 19, 2011


Thank you for the comments on my last post. I really needed to get it out and honestly do feel better now. :) I also appreciate everyone being understanding about it and not getting upset.

Things around here have actually been pretty good for the most part! We just got finished moving my grandparents in with my mom and will moving ourselves at the end of the month. Hubs and I are going to be renting a small townhouse and my 20 yr old sister will be staying with us. Although moving is exhausting and hard I kind of like the fact that it forces you to go through all of your stuff, throw out things and do some deep cleaning. It's kind of like a fresh start!

In IF news the hubs has finally agreed that maybe IVF is worth going into debt over. The plan is to put it on a credit card and then pay it off fast. Since we both started new jobs this year we are planning on waiting until life settles down a little to start the process. Honestly part of me is putting it off because it scares the shit out of me. There are so many variables that go into it which makes it hard for me to wrap my brain around it. Sometimes it's easier to say I'll deal with it later than think about all the time money and emotions that go into it. I can't imagine doing all of that and then it failing. Any advice on how to emotionally deal with it all would be greatly appreciated! Also does anyone have any advice about how to help your husband understand it? I've tried to explain what all is involved but when I do I can see his eyes glazing over. :)

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Kristi H said...

I looked for an email address to send you a message, but couldn't find one! Can I suggest you put a paypal donation box on your blog?! I wouldn't hesitate to donate to help you out!! And I see them on many other blogs for many different reasons (including IF)! (And please feel free to delete this comment... just wanted to make a suggestion!)

Amanda said...

Yay, so exciting that IVF is now an option that's at least open for discussion!

I agree with Kristi - if you're comfortable with it, it couldn't hurt to accept donations. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to contribute, if that doesn't feel too awkward for you.

Lauren said...

Have you considered a line of credit instead of a credit card? Credit cards have insane interest rates. Unless you have one that has a really good rate, I would look into a LOC. That way you have the money for this IVF and then whatever else you want it for after that!

Cousins Chaos said...

When I did IVF, there were financing options that I think would be much less encompassing than credit cards, but you do what you think is best. I am so excited for you! I am a fan of IVF obviously, but it is very, very scary and a definitely a risk. In terms of finding a good support source for you hubs, I might check with the fertility clinic you are using to see if they have any ideas. Just a thought. So very excited for you!

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