Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dang it's been a long time. Other than life being busy my only excuse is that my laptop broke. I left it plugged into the wall and one of the puppers tripped on the cord causing it to do a 360* dive off the table. One side is completely crushed and unrepairable. I do have access to my sister's computer since we are still staying with my mom but I don't like leaving my blog address in her history.

Luckily a good friend clued me in on how easy it is to blog from your phone so hopefully I will be able to post more! Since it's been so long I think the easiest way to catch up is bullets.

• thank you so much to those that checked up on me! It means so much to me!

• Still not pregnant obviously. We have tried two medicated cycles since my last iui. This month the hubs asked that I not take any meds so we are officially on break.

• The week of Thanksgiving was hard. I miscarried the day before t-day last year so it brought back a lot of memories. However I think that I was able to work through it and enjoy myself despite being around tons of family with babies.

• By the end of this year the hubs and I will have paid off around $17,000 of credit card debt! This will make us debt free minus my car! Staying with my mom for longer than previously planned has really allowed us to pay it down fast without struggling in other areas.

• According to the hubs fertility treatments will be "revisited" in the new year once the credit cards are paid off. This actually gives me some hope since it's not an all out no.

• Somewhere deep down I have this feeling that it will take ivf for us to get pregnant. This scares the crap out of me because I can't imagine my husband agreeing to it.

• I am currently interviewing for a job as a receptionist for an optometrist. If I get the job it would end up being a slight pay cut but i think I would enjoy it much more and it would give me some more experience in the medical field. I already interviewed with the office manager and am waiting for her to call me with a time to meet the head dr.

• If anyone knows of a blog or two where they are in thr same position as me (ei no treatment due to money and/or spouse disagreement) I would appreciate you pointing me their way. It seems like most of the girls I follow are now pregnant or parenting (which is fabulous!) and I think it's time to search out some new blogs.

I'm really excited to get back to blogging... I miss you girls!

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Samantha said...

So glad to hear from you again. Congrats on paying off the debt! I know it's an amazing feeling and with each thing hubs and I write off we feel soooo much better!

I hope your ivf feeling is wrong but IF you do need to go to that I pray that it happens quickly.

Lauren said...

Good to hear from you! Have you checked out people's blog rolls? Once Upon A Time has hers organized according to where they're at in their journey and there are "waiting for a miracle" (or something to that effect) blogs still there.

Other than that, here's a blog I follow who is on break right now after many failed treatments and a recent failed IVF and looking toward adoption: http://howwemetyou.blogspot.com/

junebug said...

Yeah! I've missed you my friend! We are on break saving money. Congrats on paying off your debt. We paid off our vehicles first so we are down to credit cards and student loans to pay off.
I'm with you on the fact that most of my friends are all pregnant. I've kind of started going to other arenas of blogging like design and art and writing because they are less about TTC, pregnancy and such. Just for a break from all the great news for everyone else. I don't like wallowing in my own self pity so I just started branching out in my blog circle. It helps my attitude.

Steph O. said...

Good to hear from you! Sometimes a job is worth the paycut if it'll be less stress on you.

Ummm, me! We are at a TTC standstill right now due to finances. So we can chat about how bad that sucks any time.

Congrats on paying down so much, I'm hoping that the move to the (bigger yet less expensive) house will allow us to do some of that.

Sarah said...

Glad to see you back! I was wondering where you ended up. Keep in touch!

Amanda said...

Congrats on paying down your debt!!! I've been thinking about you recently and wishing you all good things...:)

To A T said...

So glad to see you blogging again! We missed you Coco!! :)

Hooray for paying down debt! Isn't that the best feeling??!! Batman and I have been on Dave Ramsey's plan and it feels great every time we pay off another item on our list ;-)

Much prayers headed your way girl! I know TTC can be so hard, especially around the holidays.

Lots of ((HUGS))

Shannon said...

Way to go on paying off that debt! Impressive!

Wanted to pass along my friend Steph's blog...she's in a similar place - she's done a few Clomid cycles, but isn't sure they can financially do injects and she and her husband don't think they want to do it anyway. They are also considering fostering.