Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Appointment Part I

I have two slightly big things to talk about so I'm going to go ahead and do two separate posts today

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with the RE. It was the same clinic I've been to but a different dr. This was the dr that I saw when I was miscarrying. It was the day before Thanksgiving and she was on her way out of town when I called. She agreed to stay late to see me so needless to say I really like her. I made the appointment because hubs really felt it was important for us to have a plan before we start cycling.

Basically we went over my options, IUI with Clomid, IUI with injectables and IVF. Her recommendation is that we try IUI with Clomid two more times. She thinks that the risk of multiples (esp. triplets) is too high with injects if I respond well to Clomid. She also said though that it was completely up to us. If we decided we wanted to do the injects we could and if we decided we wanted to do IVF we could do that too. She also looked at my blood work from last year and reran my thyroid functions.

The dr spent a lot of time asking about everything that we have tried. She kept saying that she knew that me and my body have been through a lot. It was actually nice to hear her say that. I think sometimes I feel like what I'm doing shouldn't feel hard because I'm not doing monitored treatments. To have her say it almost validated my feelings.

Tonight, Hubs and I sat down and discussed everything. I showed him the chart that she showed me with success rates, costs, and risks. After talking we think that we will be going with the dr's recommendation and doing the IUI with Clomid. Now we are just waiting for me to start my period, which should be any minute now.

While this appointment made me excited to be starting treatments again, I'm also a little sad. Two more IUIs before IVF is not very much. To know that it's coming down to that is scary.


Robin said...

It is scary. That was my plan, too. I did 1 more IUI with clomid, then 1 IUI with injectibles.. and now we're on to IVF. For us it was a cost decision. With our IUIs being around $5k with injects, the jump to IVF was made to up the odds and not waste more money with each failed IUI.

I'm glad your doctor seemed to understand you and you are comfortable. That is half the battle!

AJ48 said...

I remember being very scared to move onto IVF. I did multiple clomid with IUI's and then when I moved onto inj's I blew up. If you respond well to the clomid then your doc is prolly right about the inj's. Thats when we decided to move onto IVF and it was a scary decision but the best one that I ever made.

Good Luck with your IUI's I pray that this works for you!!! :)