Monday, August 30, 2010


  • Last Monday I hit a parked car and totaled my car. I looked at my radio for a second and never saw it coming. Luckily it was a super old, paid off car but my pride was/is definitely hurt.
  • Thursday evening I bought a car. I went in having no clue what I wanted. My biggest dilemma was whether or not to get something that would fit a car seat and stroller. I hated that I had to consider that since who knows when it will happen, but I'm the kind of person that drives a car for forever so I had to think about it. I ended up buying a black 2009 Dodge Journey. I didn't think that I would end up with something so new but it was a great deal. So far, I'm really liking it.

  • Saturday night I gave myself my trigger shot. My mom and sister were horrified.. :)
  • This morning we had the IUI. The Hub's "sample" was excellent according to the dr. He said that look for over 10 million and hubs had 70 million! He ended up having to leave before the actual IUI to go to work. I had the IUI and the dr said everything looked good.
  • I took the day off work today. My boss was NOT happy about it but I really wanted to be able to relax today. I know that they say that it's not necessary to take it easy or anything but in my crazy mind it is...
  • My beta is Sept. 15... I dunno but that seems like an awfully long time away....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Appointment Part 2

I'm going to have to give a little back story for this one...
Since I was about 17 I have suspected that I have thyroid issues. Besides having basically all of the symptoms, almost all of the women in my family have had some kind of thyroid issue. Every time I have had it checked I have been told that while it's slightly elevated it's still within in the normal range. A few years ago I started getting comments from my mom, aunt, grandma, etc about one of the glands in my neck looking swollen. Around that time I ended up at my primary dr for something else when she mentioned the same thing. She sent me for an ultrasound. Again, slightly abnormal but still not enough to treat it.

Ever since we have been trying to have a baby I have been worried about my thyroid being one of the issues so I have been really pushing my PCP to treat me for it. About a month ago I had another ultrasound that was once again irregular but "nothing to worry about". This time I called the nurse and asked her to check with my dr about treating me for it anyway. The nurse made me feel so stupid for even asking, saying things like "why would you want to be on medicine if you don't need it.. I don't understand" that I just let it go.

Fast forward to today. I got a call from the RE's office letting me know that my results from my thyroid bloodwork were back. The dr wants to start me on medication immediately. I asked if this could have been effecting my fertility this whole time and her answer was "of course".

While I am relieved that something is finally being done about this, I am pissed that it has taken this long. I know my body and I knew that there was something wrong but no one would listen to me. Aside from the whole affecting my fertility issue (which obviously really pisses me off) there are other things that are upsetting. I have spent the past few years feeling like I can never get enough sleep. I am always exhausted and can hardly ever make it through a movie with the hubs without falling asleep. Also I have been working my ass off at a bootcamp for 4 weeks in the 100 plus degree weather and have seen no results. No weight or inches lost.

I'm just pissed. I'm trying to figure out what I am going to say when I call my PCP and request to have the dr call me directly. Any suggestions?

The Appointment Part I

I have two slightly big things to talk about so I'm going to go ahead and do two separate posts today

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with the RE. It was the same clinic I've been to but a different dr. This was the dr that I saw when I was miscarrying. It was the day before Thanksgiving and she was on her way out of town when I called. She agreed to stay late to see me so needless to say I really like her. I made the appointment because hubs really felt it was important for us to have a plan before we start cycling.

Basically we went over my options, IUI with Clomid, IUI with injectables and IVF. Her recommendation is that we try IUI with Clomid two more times. She thinks that the risk of multiples (esp. triplets) is too high with injects if I respond well to Clomid. She also said though that it was completely up to us. If we decided we wanted to do the injects we could and if we decided we wanted to do IVF we could do that too. She also looked at my blood work from last year and reran my thyroid functions.

The dr spent a lot of time asking about everything that we have tried. She kept saying that she knew that me and my body have been through a lot. It was actually nice to hear her say that. I think sometimes I feel like what I'm doing shouldn't feel hard because I'm not doing monitored treatments. To have her say it almost validated my feelings.

Tonight, Hubs and I sat down and discussed everything. I showed him the chart that she showed me with success rates, costs, and risks. After talking we think that we will be going with the dr's recommendation and doing the IUI with Clomid. Now we are just waiting for me to start my period, which should be any minute now.

While this appointment made me excited to be starting treatments again, I'm also a little sad. Two more IUIs before IVF is not very much. To know that it's coming down to that is scary.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Might get to start treatments soon!!

I called my RE and another local clinic today. For some reason I have had a really hard time just making the call. I have said that I was going to get this done for over a week and have just been putting it off. When I finally did it today, I had knots in my stomach the whole time. Weird huh?

Hubs and are really starting to feel like it's time to be more aggressive. (really I've always felt this way but I think that he is finally starting to come around!) I called the other clinic today because I wanted to do some price comparisons. This clinic charges about the same for an IUI but they charge $300 for the initial visit. I called my regular RE and they said that although I don't really need to make an "initial visit" appointment, if I wanted to come in and talk to the dr first they would use wrong diagnosis codes so they my insurance would cover it. Honestly, that kind of ruled out the other RE right away. :)

I also asked about the price difference between an IUI with Clomid and an IUI with injectables. Lately I have really been thinking about asking about doing injects just because I really want to be more aggressive. However, there's a much bigger difference in the prices than I thought. A Clomid IUI is $950 (not including meds) and a injectable IUI is $1550 (not including meds). Apparently difference is that there is more blood work included with the injects cycle. And lets not forget how expensive injectables are when you have to self-pay.

When I talked to mom about it she just about sent out an email to all our family asking for donations right then and there. :) Not sure how I feel about that but she definitely thinks it's a valid option.

I haven't gotten to talk to Hubs about it. Our work schedule vary so much right now that it'll have to wait until tomorrow. It totally wouldn't surprise me though if he shot down the more expensive option right away. Baby steps right? :)

**Totally off subject but Mic at IFCrossroads is having her baby girl tomorrow!! I'm so excited for her! Go give her some love and wish her luck!