Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maybe, Maybe not...

I friggin hate this! Every month I know I'm pregnant, get all kinds of symptoms, take a test, and get my period. Every month like clock work. That's where I am this month and I want your opinions.
Here are the facts:

  • This was a medicated cycle.
  • Today is CD 32.
  • Fertility Friend says my average cycle is 30 days, shortest cycle is 25 days and longest is 36 days.
  • I don't have a definite ovulation day because I didn't want to use OPKs this month.
  • I tested on Saturday (CD29) and on Sunday(CD30) and got a negative both times.
  • I have not had any spotting.
Here are the gray areas (gonna talk about poop so skip this is your squeamish):
  • I have had some cramping but nothing consistent. A few days ago, I actually thought something might be wrong because I was having sharp pains on the right side of my pelvic area. The pains have stopped but if I do something like sit forward in my chair things feel "tight" in that area. Every once in a while a have a cramp and then it goes away.
  • My boobs, oh gosh, my boobs! I almost smacked the hubs when he grabbed them. The sides are super sore and my nipples are real sensitive. This happened when I got pregnant but also sometimes happens with my period.
  • The last couple of days when I poop there is a lot of pressure. I'm not constipated but when I push I feel a lot of pressure not only in my bottom but in my pelvic area too. Today, I have pooped every couple of hours.
  • Usually when I am about to start I feel ravished all the time, now I just feel normal hunger at meal times.
So my plan was to test again on Saturday so that if it was negative I would have to day to hibernate if I want. When I came home I realized that I didn't have any sticks so I picked some up while I was picking up my prescriptions. The problem is since them I have been thinking about it nonstop and am now thinking that if I test tomorrow and it's positive I could talk the dr into doing a beta and have the results before the weekend. Gah! Why do I do this to myself???

So, opinion? Should I test tomorrow? Should I test Friday? Saturday? Have you had this poop problem before (pregnancy or nonpregnancy related)? Help me ladies!!


Lucky Jones said...

Ack - I am on pins and needles!! And now that you mention it, I did have some bowel issues early on, I don't know why or what that was all about, but I remember the feeling of pressure and wanting to go like all the time...

I say test Friday - if you are pg it may shoe up by then... sending BFP vibes! Let me know!!!

The Baby Rae said...

Hmm... I would wait longer. Then you'll be less likely to test Friday and get a negative and then want to test again 2 days later. I know waiting is the worst, but just a few more days. You can do it!

Excited for you!

To A T said...

I think I agree... wait a couple more days and test, then you could maybe schedule a beta for Monday if it's +.

Things sound good Coco!! :) I never had the poop issue, but my boobs were going crazy when I got pg with Brynna :)

Lots of BFP vibes hun!!

Chele said...

I'm the last person that should advise you on when to test. I was one that didn't test until 5 days after my missed period. lol

Got everything crossed for you!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

my doc tells me to wait at least a week. it's hard but sometimes it takes a long time for the pregnancy hormone to show in your urine.

i am in the same boat. late and well, am i? am i not? ugh.

Andrea said...

You'll be on CD 35 on Friday, right? If so, I'd say wait until Saturday. [I know...easier said than done!!]

I had poop issues in my pregnancy! I think any change from what's normal for you is a good sign. As for the boobs...YES, they hurt like HECK for me. My boobs always hurt before AF but pregnancy boobs are just about unbearable.

I'll be thinking of you!! Good luck.. I'm about to pop any day now so this world needs another pregnant lady :)

BabyWid said...

I would say test tomorrow or Saturday. Your symptoms sound good. With Claire, my first symptoms were all in my boobs! I hope that's your case too!! Good luck. Baby dust coming your way! :)