Thursday, March 11, 2010


I hope this doesn't come out choppy... I'm hopped up on drugs and not thinking too clearly... If it does, I'm sorry!

After I typed my last post I spent the afternoon and evening lying on the couch feeling like I *might* be getting sick. Did the same thing all day Sunday after POAS, getting a negative and NOT getting my period.
I went to work on Monday with a pretty sore throat but since I didn't have any other symptoms I thought it might just be bad allergies. By Monday night I had no voice, was exhausted, and still had no period symptoms.
Tuesday morning I POAS since I still had no symptoms and got a negative. I felt horrible and contemplated calling in to work but since I had a meeting scheduled for Thursday to talk about my getting a raise I decided to make myself go. I spent the whole time I was getting ready with tears rolling down my face because I felt so awful. It's pretty common for me to cry when I don't feel good so I didn't think anything of it.
While I was at work I started hacking up a storm and felt a gush. Honestly I thought I had just had some pee-leakage (kinda common for me). However when I got to the restroom, much to my surprise my underwear was full of mucus and bright red blood.
This is so not common for me. I always have a couple of days of awful PMS and spotting as a warning. I have never once bled through my panties like most women.
Anyway, back to Tuesday, I just went to my boss and was honest and told her that I would have to go home to clean up and change. Since that would give me an occurrence anyway (stupid) and I was sick I would just stay home. By Tuesday night I had a very low-grade fever and body aches.
I called in Wednesday and ended up at the doctor. She tested for strep throat and H1N1. Thankfully I have neither. Just a severe sinus infection .
So, I've been sick since Saturday and have yet to start feeling better. I'm bored and lonely (hubs works evenings and nights). The only upside is that I'm down to just barely spotting now. Lovely huh?


Robin said...

Ugh! I hope you feel better soon..


Steph O. said...

That's no fun! I hope you feel better soon. (i kwym about occurances. i get the purpose of them, but they suck!)


Morgan Owens said...

I'm sorry Coco...I hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks, it puts such a damper on life! Blah!

Lauren said...

Blech. Poor you:(