Monday, September 14, 2009

Would the real AF please stand up?

About a week ago I found out that I have refills of my Femara left. Even though I know I am doing it without dr.'s approval I decided to go ahead do a medicated cycle. I am tired of doing nothing. I want to at least have a smidgen of a chance.

It seems as though the bitch (AF) seems to have other plans for me. According to FF I am due to start on Wednesday (CD 31) or possibly Thursday (CD32). On Wednesday (CD 24) I began to have PMS symptoms. Very slight spotting began on Friday (CD 26) and when I say slight I mean slight. Nothing on my panties, only when I wipe, pink CM slight. That went on for 3 days never getting darker. As of today all of my PMS symptoms and spotting are gone. I don't even feel like I can count the spotting as a super light AF because of how little there was.

I'm hoping, HOPING that the real AF will show up so I can do a medicated cycle. If it doesn't I won't be able to take the Femara. Boo.

*And before you ladies start telling me that it could be "special" implantation spotting I am pretty sure that I didn't ovulate this month.


Steph O. said...

I hate the spotting/af mind games! I hope she makes up her mind soon. Either show up, or stay gone for a good reason! (sorry, i had the same gripe a couple weeks ago!)

Robin said...

Spotting sucks.

Hope she shows up soon and you can get on with it!

Amy said...

I hope AF doesn't show up for 9 months!!! Go away AF ... go far far away!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Lol at the unapproved unmedicated cycle. I'm all about things like that. I often followed my own directions rather than the nurses, because there was too much staff at my clinic to check and make sure. I always told them exactly what I did... it just wasn't always exactly what they told me to do. And hey, it worked out. So HAVE FUN!

Hope AF shows soon!