Friday, August 28, 2009

Questions for you

I have been thinking about alternative methods to "jump start" my fertility. Some girlfriends and I have been recently talking about trying acupuncture. One of them used it to help induce labor naturally and swears by it now. I know nothing about it but it definitely sounds interesting.

So, my question is:

Has anyone tried it? Know someone who's tried it? Researched it? Know anything about it?


Lauren said...

I think it can be effective, but it's expensive. At least $50 a session. So if money is an issue, that can be a problem. I wanted to try accupuncture but never did because the cost was too prohibitive.

Steph O. said...

It's needles ~in your skin~ but supposedly doesn't hurt. That's what I know. I wouldn't mind trying it sometime. My mom has done it (pain management) & enjoyed it.

I just saw the pics of your dog- she is so darn cute!!! What breed is that?

Chele said...

I know quite a few women that went this route. The trick will be finding a good reputable accupuncturist. Will it help get you pregnant? I don't know, some got pg others did not. All say they felt better for having done it. They also all say the expense was more than they anticipated and had to quit after a couple of months.

Sending ++++ vibes your way.

libby-ct said...

Hi! I'm a lurker but thought I'd post as I know a little something about acupuncture. I started it last March after 1.5 years of ttc with no success. (went in somewhat skeptical but figured I didn't have anything to lose except $$) I recommend finding one who specializes in reproductive issues, and not just someone who does all kinds of issues, or doctors who also dabble in acu on the side (because they don't actually have to have as much training in reproductive acupuncture). In CT (just for comparison sake) it's about $100 per hour session. The acupuncturist sits down with you for a few minutes at the beginning of every session to ask you questions about your cycle, your life, what you're experiencing, what you've been feeling, etc. He/she checks your pulses, looks at your tongue, and then you lie down on a table and he/she places needles in strategic spots based on where you are in your cycle, and other pertinent info. (Generally mine puts them in my wrists, feet, ankles, legs, stomach, head, ears.) Honestly, I am a scientific skeptic, but I swear I can feel my energy moving once the needles are in! It doesn't hurt -- just feels like a mosquito bite at worst when they go in, and only lasts for a couple of seconds. The feeling is worth it. And, I'm proud to say that I just got my first bfp. Don't know if it's directly related, but probably is as my RE tells me my uterine lining has been better since doing acu, and I feel so much more relaxed. (Sorry for this novel!) Good luck to you!

Morgan said...

I haven't heard much about it, and never tried it myself...but it's worth a chance if you are willing to put the money into it- then I say GO FOR IT! :) Let us know what you decided!

junebug said...

I have several friends who have tried it (I don't know the success rates) but they did enjoy the experience. Money is the issue and finding someone good. I haven't tried it yet myself. I'm on the fence about it.