Friday, August 21, 2009

It's the little things

Reasons to not wallow in depression about infertility today:

1. My husband will be off with me tonight.

2. Although our brand new washer broke the day we bought it (more on that later), we have family that is more than willing to let us do laundry at their house.

3. It's payday so I get to go out for lunch.

4. The day is half over.

5. I get to sleep in tomorrow.

I know it's bad that I am having to stretch just to list 5 things but hey, I'm trying and that's what counts, right?


Lucky Jones said...

Ugh coco, I am so sorry your are in a slump. But looking at the brighter things is what gets me through the day. If you need anything I'm here for you!!! Go buy yourself something pretty, you deserve it!

Chele said...

It is the little things and finding positivity wherever and whenever you can is better than wallowing in the negativity. Keeping ++++ vibes for you.

ifcrossroads said...

Coco - you're SO right. It IS the little things!
I hope you were able to have a yummy meal out :) Food is always the solution (for me!)