Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rachel was the pretty one

I have a VERY fertile family. For instance, I was conceived while my mom was on birth control and my brother was conceived while she was using a condom. The same goes for most of my family.

Anyway, I have been waited for this day to come, hoping it wouldn't but waiting non-the-less. My younger cousin and his wife started trying for a baby about the same time we did. They got pregnant their first month and had a healthy baby girl. Today, one year and a half later, I got on Facebook and read the announcement that they are pregnant again.

I've been lapped.

I actually handled it better than I thought. I felt the hysteria right on the brink of coming out. Instead I took some deep breaths and texted my sister. This was her text back to me:

"I'm sorry baby, you're time will come. Remember the story of Rachel and Leah in the Bible. Rachel's time came long after Leah's. And Rachel was the pretty one! :)"

I love that girl. She always know how to make me smile!


Christine said...

awwww that was such a great text- and she was right- your time will come!!

Lauren said...

What a great sister. Rachel's time did come a long time after Leah! She got married later, had kids later, and didn't have nearly as many kids as her fertile sister! Stupid Leah.

I'm so sorry you've been lapped. I understand. (((hugs)))

Amy said...

Sounds like you have a great sister =)

AJ48 said...

That was a sweet way to make you feel better.

My family is SO FERTILE too. Both my mother and my sister got prego after their husbands took one look at them! So of course it made me feel like an outcast!!

Your time will come!!!

ifcrossroads said...

I am lovin' your sister!

But I'm sorry Coco. It sucks to be lapped. It's just karmicly not-fair.