Thursday, June 18, 2009

This week's happenings (Part Uno)

I have a lot to say so I think I am going to split it into two posts. One TTC related and one for everything else. I will try and type up the TTC on my lunch break

  • We are officially all moved into the new apartment. It was crazy but we did it! Since we didn't have much time to give notice to the cable/Internet company we won't have either until Saturday, which sucks. I never realized how addicted I am to both until now.
  • I mentioned early that I plan on getting new pillows for the new couch (which gets delivered on Sat!) since the ones that come with it are butt-ugly. I have been looking online and also found a small rug I like. Here is what is in the running so far:

  • I also like these pillows:

  • The working out everyday was going really well. I had lost 3.5 lbs in a week in a half. Notice how I said "was". I got sick with a virus/cold and just haven't been able to kick it, so I haven't been to the gym since last Wednesday. I have every intention of continuing but I can't afford to miss work so I am trying to keep from making the sickness worse.
  • I seem to be doing a lot of bullet style posts lately. I kind of feel like that is because that's the way my brain is working lately. Nothing real fluid going on up there.


junebug said...

I like the top green/white one and the bottom white one with several colors. :-) They are all very cute.

To A T said...

I LOVE the pillows and rug you have picked out! TOO CUTE!! I wish I had an excuse to go out and buy some too ;-)
Congrats on getting all moved in :)

Lauren said...

Hahahaha, nothing real fluid going on up there. lol

Chele said...

Yay! for getting moved! Hope you are completely well soon. I'd have to choose which ever one Rick liked the best because I wouldn't want to listen to any snarky comments. lol

Amy said...

Love the pillows.