Friday, May 22, 2009


****Edit: I meant to save this post for tomorrow but hit the wrong button... I was gonna delete it but it's already on your go.og.le so what the heck?****

My last post got me thinking about something. We've all heard of "pregnancy-brain", right? I always hear moms-to-be complaining about how they can't ever remember anything, how scatterbrained they are, or how they feel like they are walking around in a fog. Some scientist thinks it a myth, just an old wives tale but some are starting to consider the fact that it very well may be a truth.

I, personally, think it's very believable. I would imagine that having all of those new hormones in your body probably does do something to the brain. Not to mention, knowing that your world will be completely changing in a few months. I'm sure that constantly thinking about that one thing doesn't leave a lot of room for much else.

The thing is, I keep thinking I have pregnancy-brain (you know, minus the whole pregnancy part). I'm forgetfull, scatterbrained, and have a one track mind. The only thing I ever think about is TTC. I take hormones that make me act crazy, emotional, and stupid.

For instance, sometimes I will be driving home from work and thinking about what CD I am on and when I will O when I suddenly realize that I passed the exit I need to take 2 exits back. Scary, I know. Or the time that hubs took my car to the shop for me. While I was at work, the mechanic called to tell me it was ready so I had my mom drive me to hub's work since I didn't have a key. I waited and waited for him to get done with what he was doing. Finally I asked him for his key. His response: "Why don't you just use your's?" DUH! HE dropped the car off, NOT me! In fact, I had been holding my car key in my hand all along. Oh and guess what I happened to be thinking about? That's right, whether or not I was pregnant.

Sounds a lot like pregnancy-brain to me! Since I'm not pregnant, I think I'll call it "Infertility-brain"! (Or IF-brain, if you want to shorten it :) Anyone else suffering from this condition?


Lauren said...

I totally suffer from this condition. Especially when I'm in the middle of drugs and monitoring a cycle. I can't think of words. I can't leave messages on answering machines without sounding like an idiot. I forget what I'm doing all the time. I'm a complete idiot.

Thanks for naming it. Now I know I have infertility brain. And I'm not alone.

Chele said...

I believe it and attribute it all to HORMONES! When doing the infertility treatments and pregnant your hormones are in an uproar so I would agree 100%with having pregnancy or infertility brain.

To A T said...

Oh hun! I completely understand what you are going through, and I don't think it's just preggos that get it. The WHOLE time DH and I were TTC I felt like someone else had ahold of my brain. I would do the strangest things like ask the same question 6 times or try and go to the store only to go the COMPLETELY wrong direction. I'm convinced it HAS to do with all the hormones!