Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Rap-Up!

  • The blogosphere has been busy! I was gone for 4 days and came back to 88 unread posts in my reader! Which actually, made my morning, I love reading yall's posts.
  • My "little" brother's wedding was this past Friday evening. I took both Thurs. and Fri. off in order to help out. By Friday night I was exhausted! Weddings are a lot of work!
  • Not only did I sleep in until 11am on Saturday but I also took a 2 hour nap that afternoon.
  • I'm so proud of my hubby! He was told Friday that he has officially been put on the bonus program at work! This is a huge accomplishment! No other manager there has gotten on it so fast! He will get 1% of the weekly revenue, which doesn't seem like much but it adds up!
  • Went to a new "life group" for church last night. We are trying a new thing were we mix the "young singles" and the "young marrieds" a few times a month. I have been feeling torn between the two lately so I really enjoyed it!
  • Hubby and I have decided finally decided what our "course of action" will be this next cycle. We will be doing just Clomid with timed BD. While this break has been really good and relaxing I'm itching to get started again. I'll wait till the end of the week and if AF hasn't shown by then I will call the RE. I'm praying that she will show on her own... my last experience with Provera was not pretty, not pretty at all.
  • I have to leave my house at 8am in order to make it to work at 8:30am. This morning I woke up at 7 freakin' 50! Amazingly enough I made it here on time, I just look like crap!


Lynn Page said...

Congrats on hubby's bonus program!!! That's awesome! Every little bit helps!

Peeveme said...

Wow lots of stuff! I just can't believe you made it to work on time.

Best of luck on the upcoming cycle.

Lucky Jones said...

Lady you've been busy!! The bonus program is awesome! I wish I had a program like that with my company, I would have NO problems then :)

Ophelia said...

Yay! Can't wait for your next cycle to start!!