Monday, April 6, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

I've got a lot of random-ness to say so I think I'll do some bullets....

** I wanna give a SHOUT OUT to my buddy Christine who just got her BFP!!! YAY!!!

** I am still living on a broken couch! :( Hubby and I can't seem to find one that we agree on.

** I went and bought two new bras yesterday (see previous post). I always buy them just a tad snug because they always stretch out so much. The one I am wearing today is a little too tight on the shoulders. I def. have red marks.

** The other day hubs shaved in the shower without a mirror. He accidentally shaved a off a corner of one of his side burns (of course) so I had to shorten the other side to even them up. You would think he would have learned his lesson right? Ha! Nope, he tried to trim them himself yesterday and took a big chunk out of the middle of one. Ah, men....

** The allergens here are killing me! I have red itchy eyes, and a boogery nose all the time!

** I stopped the Prometrium Wed. morning and started spotting on Thursday (happy birthday to me! :). By Friday afternoon, all spotting had ceased and had nadda over the weekend. No PMS, cramps, nothing. I called the nurse this morning and she said to give it another week and then call her back if AF still doesn't show. Well wadda know, as soon as I hung up the phone I started spotting again! Hmmm... we shall see...

** I am hoping to post birthday pics either tonight or tomorrow!

** My almost 18 year old brother confided in hubby the other day that "he was almost a daddy" (his words). He said that they didn't have any condoms and he didn't pull out in time. They both freaked so she took 4 pregnancy test a few days later. To my knowledge she isn't pregnant. While hubs was telling me all I could think was "if it were only that easy" and then I remember that it is that easy for a lot of people. I told hubs to give him some condoms because even though I don't condone him having sex I don't think that I could handle it if he got some girl pg. Sad huh?


Lauren said...

About your 17 year old brother - I would freak out.

Do they realize that an HPT wouldn't show a positive "a few days later"?

It's funny that your brother told your husband that. My sister also tells MY husband the things she can't tell my family... like the fact that she's moving in with her boyfriend next month. Grrrr.

To A T said...

I would completely flip if one of my siblings got preggo!! AHH! Of course non of them are married or having sex so I know it's not really possible, but STILL... I would be SO beyond pissed!!

the GF is a little clueless on how all this works, huh?

Christine said...

awww Thanks!!!!