Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Part 1

This past Thursday was my 23rd birthday, which we spent with my family. It was very relaxed which was just what I needed!

My sister, new sister-in-law, other sister, brother, mom and hubby (my other bro. had to work)

Me and the babes

My sis, Megan, being gross

The wonderful tacos Meg made us

I can't seem to take a picture and make a decent looking face at the same time. :/

Meg icing and decorating my cake (sorry about the sideways-ness, I'm too lazy to fix it)

The cake only lasted a few minutes b/c she iced it on a hot stove, which is sooo Megan.

Sadly, this was not posed....

Opening presents...

Megan and my new SIL, Holly

Hubs got me Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD! Yay!