Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sibling fun

I am ashamed to admit that one of my favorite words is "turd". I call everyone turd. It drives my mother insane. The other night I was texting my brother and I called him a turd. It then turned into an all-out "make up a word" war. Here's how it went...

Him: Mc-Turd-stein
Me: Turd-alicious
Him: Re-turd-ation
Me: Turd-erific
Him: Turd-tastic
Me: Turd-ishness
Him: Turd-ucken
Me: Turdy-fruity
Him: Turd-olonni
Me: Turd-eronni
Him: Turd-iculous
Me: Turd-le
Him: Nice.
(five minutes pass)
Me: Give up?
Him: yah :(
Me: Ha! See you turd-sday! HAHAHAHA!

Every time I read this I laugh hysterically. Guess that says something about my maturity level, huh?


AJ48 said...

That was Turd-mendous!!

LOL - made me laugh! Thanks!

Morgan said...

Turd-sday...your soo freakin' funny, that was a good's clear you won the battle lol! What a turd! ;)

Coco said...

hahaha Turd-mendous! hahaha

Chele said...

Thanks for making my lol on Turdusday.

To A T said...

LOL that's made me laugh!! ;-)

Morgan said...

I didn't know you lived so close to me! I have some family in San Antonio! See thats why I do those polls..I always discover things I didn't know about people!