Monday, March 30, 2009

About me

I was tagged by the lovely Lila!

Copy and paste these questions, replacing my answers with yours, then tag 5 people to do the same thing.


1. CoCo

2. Coley

3. Baby Cakes


1. My current job- a data entry position

2. I worked at a day care for about 2 1/2 weeks. It was horrible. I was sick the entire time.

3. I worked at a grocery store for about 5 years. First I was a bagger, then cashier, and lastly a pharmacy clerk which lasted for 3 years.


1. Born in Anchorage, AL (moved away while I was still a baby, haven't ever been back)

2. Tucson, AZ

3. San Antonio, TX


1. Grey's Anatomy

2. The Office

3. Big Bang Theory


1. Disney World

2. border towns in Mexico

3. The Texas coast


1. Africa

2. Europe

3. Hawaii


1. Baked goods

2. tacos

3. cheese enchiladas


1. Being a mom

2. Owning our own home

3. Shopping


1. My current dog, Jade

2. Kody- a boston terrier that died

3. Miss Kittty- a cat that hated my guts. She would poop on my pillow (no one elses) and attack me in the middle of the night. She hated me too.


1. Taylor Swift

2. Nickelback

3. Cake


1. SA Spurs Go-Spurs-Go!

2. Dallas Cowboys

3. Texas Longhorns


1. Water

2. Coca-Cola

3. Dr. Pepper

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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have the toots

Warning... possible TMI alert....

...if you don't like the word "fart" you probably should skip this one...

So I was a little gassy yesterday, nothing really noticeable. Then last night I had a feeling like I had to fart real bad but couldn't. My belly was distended and painful. I spent the entire night telling hubby, "I wish I could just let out a big fart!". He thought this was hilarious. I tried "sitting on the pot", as my family calls it, squatting, bending over, nothing helped. When I woke up this morning it was the same way until I finally got a little relief here at work.. hehe. I'm still pretty gassy and bloated but it isn't as painful as before. I do feel bad for the people that sit around me though. I think that all the gas is from the Prometrium. I was reading online today that progesterone can cause a lot of bloating and gas.

Anyone else had this side effect?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok maybe I should clarify....

AF isn't here yet. I just have cramps. Sorry about the miscommunication...

I am 11dpIUI (days past IUI) today. Yesterday I woke up and my boobs and nipple were enormous and hurt like all get out. Last night I was so tired I fell asleep somewhere around 8:30. Of course I thought I was pregnant! I mean really, why wouldn't I think that? It doesn't matter that those are all symptoms of AF, cause I was sure I was pregnant.

Then today at lunch I was sitting foward, leaning over the table and the cramps started. I felt like a brick had hit me in the chest. I froze, panicked and ran to bathroom where I sat and cried. I just don't understand why this isn't happening for me. Why can't I just get pregnant? It's getting to the point where the hurt is starting to feel like I just can't take it anymore.

Oh and FYI, hubby and I DO NOT have a $1,000 lying around to do another IUI with next month. I don't know what we will do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I can't really think of anything to write so I will leave you with a picture. I totally forgot about this film, it's from about a year ago when we took a trip with my family to the beach. It's of my hubby.

He would probably kill me if he knew I was posting this on the Internet... he he

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Faced my fear!

Scariest part is complete! I just got finished giving myself the Novarel shot. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (of course). After I said a prayer, I numbed my stomach with ice and just went for it. All I can say is that it's a good thing I have all the extra belly fat to squeeze. :)

On another note, I'm thinking that maybe a girl that is on artificial hormones who is about to give herself a shot that scares the crap out of her shouldn't watch shows like Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. They tend to be tear jerkers.

Stay tuned: IUI to come!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am going to copy two of my blogging buddies and post about my baby! She is 2 years old and spoiled rotten. She sleeps in the bed with hubby and I and goes with us where ever she can. But hey, she keeps me sane so it is totally worth it.

I think she is about a year old here

This is the robe her daddy insisted on buying her. She NEVER wears it.

Her and I snuggling...

Silly puppy-ness

Her and her daddy sleeping

Her favorite activity- playing ball! If she had her way she would do this 24/7

Pity Party

I went to the RE again this morning. The nurse said that I am ready to get started! I have one large follie on each side, a mid-sized one on the left, and several smaller ones on each side. My lining was "perfect" at an 8. I am supposed to take the trigger at 9:30 pm tomorrow and the IUI is scheduled for Saturday morning.

Now, confession time. I lied to my boss and told her that I didn't realize that the appt was going to take all day so I wouldn't be able to come in. I just needed a mental health day, bad. I HATE that this is what this has come down to. I hate what these hormones do to my mental state. I hate that I can't let myself get excited or feel positive because I am so scared of getting hurt.

That is why it is 4:02 pm and I am still in my pajamas. Lovely.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Follicle Check

A short update:

I just got back from the RE this morning. The nurse did an ultrasound to check my follicles. She said that I am not quite there yet. I have 3 that are good sized but aren't quite mature enough yet. (I didn't ask for measurements.) I go back Wednesday to check again. It's gonna be a long 2 days!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My couch is smiling at me....

My husband broke my couch last night. IN HALF. (ok maybe not in half, in half)

See, we were having an X-Men marathon. We both love the movies and had a rare night of being off together. He got up to get a drink and I guess he thought I looked too comfortable because he came running. He ran and jumped onto me. My hubby is not a small man, at all. He weighs over 200 lbs. There was a huge cracking noise and a drop. The support on the bottom in the middle is broken in half. The middle cushion touches the floor.

Now it wasn't a nice couch. We got it as a hand-me-down from my mom when we got married and had planned on buying a new one in the future. It just would have been nice to be able to wait until this summer considering how much money we owe the IRS.

It's a good thing a have a sense of humor, cause my couch is smiling at me!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sibling fun

I am ashamed to admit that one of my favorite words is "turd". I call everyone turd. It drives my mother insane. The other night I was texting my brother and I called him a turd. It then turned into an all-out "make up a word" war. Here's how it went...

Him: Mc-Turd-stein
Me: Turd-alicious
Him: Re-turd-ation
Me: Turd-erific
Him: Turd-tastic
Me: Turd-ishness
Him: Turd-ucken
Me: Turdy-fruity
Him: Turd-olonni
Me: Turd-eronni
Him: Turd-iculous
Me: Turd-le
Him: Nice.
(five minutes pass)
Me: Give up?
Him: yah :(
Me: Ha! See you turd-sday! HAHAHAHA!

Every time I read this I laugh hysterically. Guess that says something about my maturity level, huh?