Friday, February 6, 2009

X-Men Babies

So we got the dreaded and much anticipated call from the doctors office this morning. Everything looked good and normal except the morphology. The nurse said it is at 27%. According to her this is below normal. She said that the normal range is 30-50%. She also said that I would know need to see an RE. She gave me a couple of names and told me to let her know which one I pick.

I'm not gonna lie. I kind of freaked. I have this tendency to automatically think of the worst possible situation. All I could think about was the fact that I don't think my insurance covers a RE so it certainly wouldn't cover anything like an IUI. Hubby and I are in no way poor but we don't have the kind of money it takes pay for that kind of thing on our own. Therefore I was convinced that I would never have a child.

Once I talked to my hubby he calmed me down and asked me to explain everything to him. I did the best that I could, over the phone, with my limited knowledge of semen analysis results. Once I finished this was how the conversation went:

hubby: " does this mean that we are going to have, like, X-Men babies?"

me: "Huh? What? What are you talking about?"

hubby: "You know, are we going to have, like mutated, messed up babies? Like deformed babies?"

me: "Um, yeah, no. Doesn't really work like that"

I can always count on him to make me laugh, even if he is completely serious. And trust me, he was very seriously worried about the X-men babies.

That afternoon I got on the website of one of the Fertility Clinics that was recommended to me. It had so much helpful information! The most interesting thing that I found was that the "range" of normal morphology that my dr. was using maybe out dated. According to my research it depends on what study/method the dr. uses. The most recent one I found suggests that anything above 14% is normal. That was extremely encouraging to read!

So my plan is this:
I am going to call the financial coordinator at that clinic and see if she can do a benefits check on my insurance for me. That would be so much easier than me trying to do it on my lunch break. Hopefully the insurance will at least cover the intial visit. I really want to see this doctor and hear what they think. So pray that we can at least do that!


AJ48 said...

My advice, shop around. There are a lot of fertility clinics out there and you may find one that accepts your insurance. Then you may need to call your insurance and get an approval for certain things.

If there are things that are hindering you from getting prego (annovulation, pcos, bad morphology...etc) then they usually will give you the approval. Normally my insurance doesnt cover infertility treatments but because of my pcos and his bad morphology we are covered 100%.

My RE and my insurance actually had to talk in order to get the approval. I know that it is a lot of back and forth and phone calls, but its worth it in the end if you get covered!

Just something to keep in mind.

X-Men babies...thats funny!!

AJ48 said...
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Chele said...

LMAO off at X-men babies.

I would put him on a vitamin cocktail asap so that when you do see a RE and they re-do the SA those vitamins can already be at work.

My dh had a prostate infection a few years ago that decimated his sperm count. His urologist immediately put him on an antibiotic for the infection as well as a vitamin cocktail. He told dh as long as we were ttc to stay on the vitamin cocktail. Three months later Rick's SA came back completely normal. He's still taking the vitamins. If you would like the list let me know and I will email it or post here for you.

Good luck!