Friday, February 20, 2009

RE Questions

Things to ask the nurse today:

  • What does Dr. A. think about adding Metformin into the mix? I know that it has shown benefit patients with PCOS and IF. It can also help with blood sugar and weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Give receptionist hubby's insurance card for his blood work.
  • Who do I need to get to order a oral diabetes test? PCOS can cause diabetes because it controls how you use your insulin. EVERYTHING I read says that once you are diagnosed the first thing you need to do is get a oral (not blood) test for diabetes. I'm jut not sure if the RE, OBGYN, or PCP would be the one to ask.
  • Timeline and CDs that everything will take place. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything at our appt so I forgot to write things down.


Chele said...

A doctor left a message on my blog with links regarding PCOS back in May. You may or may not find the information interesting.

Causes of Infertility