Friday, February 20, 2009


So, we had our first RE consultation. First of all, I am really happy with the choice I made in doctors. Dr A. is great! Both hubby and I really like him and felt like he was in this business for more than just the money, which is really important to us. The staff is super nice and the office is brand new. We very much felt like they were the right choice.

The first thing we did was meet Dr. A. in his office. He did sort of a power point on how the reproductive system works and what needs to happen in order to conceive. I, of course, already knew all of that but I think that hubby actually learned some from it. He also went over the statistics of anyone getting pregnant. In regards to hubby's sperm Dr. A. said that he will not diagnose anything off of one test. He said that once we get a second SA done, we will go from there (which we are doing today). Then he asked about my menstrual history which has always been crazy. He asked if since I have gone off of birth control I have had excess hair on my body, acne, or have been losing my hair. Check, check, check, I have had all of those. He also asked if I ovulated on my own. Big NO. He told me that without doing any kind of test he was almost 100% sure that I have PCOS. Wow, that would explain a lot. He then goes on to tell me the list of symptoms. Weight gain around the belly, check. Inability to loose weight, check. Sleep apnea, check. Acne, check. Thinning hair, check. Inability to ovulate, double check. Irregular periods, check. Blood sugar issues, check. Dang, would have been nice if my OBGYN would have tested me for this when I asked her to, could have been dealing with this a long time ago.

Anyway, back to the appointment! Next we had a trans-vaginal ultrasound. You should have seen hubby's face when I explained to him what they were going to do with the wand with the big condom on it. Priceless. I thought he might pee his pants. So I lay back and look up and there is a little mini flat screen on the ceiling so that I can see with the doctor is seeing! Cool! One of my ovaries show that I did ovulate this month, possibly twice. The other side did not, and it shows definite PCOS.

So the here is the plan of action: Will start Clomid on CD3 with monitoring (finally). When the follies look good we will use a HCG trigger shot to induce O within 36-38 hrs. Hubby will go in and give his "specimen". They will do a sperm wash and an IUI. There is also a possibility of progesterone vaginal suppositories for the rest of the cycle.


Hubs and I both did blood work after that. His was just to check for things like HIV and hepatitis. Mine was that plus a bunch of other hormone tests.

Finally, it was time to meet with the financial coordinator. This was the moment we were both dreading. The first thing she told us that my insurance did not want to even hear the word "fertility", much less the word "infertility". They will not cover any of it. Super. Great. Somehow I am not surprised. Total cost for IUI: $950. This includes up to 4 office visits, up to 4 ultrasounds, insemination, pregnancy test. Ok so not as bad as I thought it would be but we still can't afford it right now. We told her that we would need a few months to save the money up.

So, once we leave I of course call my mom and tell her all the news. When I get to the part about the IUI costs she says something like, "I can do that. I will do that." WHAT? At this point I felt like I needed to tell the about the SMALL percentage of success. This isn't a guaruntee. She told me that she isn't stupid. My mother is paying for my IUI. Her one request is that if this doesn't work the first time, she will not have to listen to me apologize for her spending money on something that didn't work. I don't even have words for this. It means more to me than she will probably ever know.

Now we are just waiting for AF to come!


To A T said...

Oh honey! I got tears in my eyes when I read what your mom is doing for you! I just think that is so AWESOME! :) I'm super glad you liked your new doc too! That is ALWAYS good :)
I love that he is being so proactive with trigger and IUI right off the bat... yay Dr A!!

fingers crossed for you sweetie!

AJ48 said...

I am so happy for you!!! You are totally on your way..finally! I pray for you and your DH that this will happen the first time.

Would you ever consider IVF? It stinks that the cost for that is beyond expensive..but $950 for the IUI isnt too bad. Do you get double IUI's or just one?

You may already have done this, but make sure that you tell your insurance that you were diagnosed PCOS. Because of that, my insurance paid for my infertility treatments...worth a shot if you havent already tried!

Good Luck!!!

Christina said...

That's so great that your mom is paying for it!!! Good luck!!!

Chele said...

It's always good news when they find something and have a good plan of action. Sending you lots of BFP vibes.

For more information on PCOS and messageboards link check out What is PCOS

Good luck!

Christine said...

oh WOW!! YAY!!! How exciting I wish you alll the luck!!!!