Monday, February 9, 2009


So today is CD14! Usually by now I have been using OPKs twice a day for 2 days and checking my cervix and CM several times a day. I haven't done any of that this time!

On Friday I decided that I wasn't going to be using OPKs this cycle. I know that I am Oing because of the Femara and I pretty much know what around what day it will be. Also, I am out and hate to spend the money on the kind from the store when I know how cheap I can get them online. It was a good thing because I spent the whole weekend out doing things so it would've been hard to time the OPKs right.

As far as checking my cervix and CM, I kind of totally forgot! Like I said, my crazy weekend had a lot to with it, but I'm not totally convinced that it tells me that much anyway!

We have been "doing the dirty" though! It's been nice, really, it wasn't forced or planned, just kind of happened every time. I am hoping that it will "just happen" tonight too!

It's been nice to just kind of forget about TTC! I am hoping that I will be able to continue this attitude through the 2WW. What are the chances? :)


Christine said...

Yay for O time!! I think I still have a few days...

Teresa said...

Maybe relaxing will work! That would be SO awesome!

Chele said...

Hoping the relaxed approach works. I emailed you the vitamin cocktail earlier this morning.

Check my blog for the pregnancy test give away that I will be doing the next couple of weeks.

AJ48 said...

We are on the same cycle! I am on CD14 too! I am on Clomid and go for my IUI's tomorrow. So I haven't really been taking notice this month either.

After going through so many failed months its just easier to take the pressure off for a few months.

Good Luck to us!!! : )

To A T said...

Cheers to "forgetting" about TTC! and Yay for Oing :) I hope you catch the eggie this round girl! No pressure, just fun!

Melissa said...

I love your relaxed approach to TTC this cycle. Sometimes it's so hard to "let go" and just do what feels natural for once.

Good luck to you! I hope you see your BFP this month.