Friday, February 27, 2009

Just the beginning...

I went to the RE today for my baseline ultrasound. Dr A. says I have about 7 cysts on my right ovary and none on my left. He isn't concerned about the cysts since they are small enough to resolve themselves. Other than that he said that everything looked good and ready to go!

Here is my "schedule" for this cycle:

CD2: Baseline u/s

CD5-9: Clomid 100mg daily

CD12: u/s to check if follicles are mature. If so, will be given a specific time to take Ovidrel (HCG shot). Schedule insemination for 36 hours later

CD13/14: Hubby goes in to "collect specimen" 1 1/2 hours before scheduled insemination time. IUI! Have sex that night and for the next 2 nights.

CD16/17 (three days after IUI): Start progesterone suppositories.

CD29/30: Home pregnancy test. If + call office, if - wait for AF and start all over again.

**I know you girls know how this goes....I just wanted it for my records! :)**

I can't believe we are actually doing this!


Lila said...

I can't wait to hear how your guys make out! All the best!

Lynn Page said...

I'm keeping everything crossed for you this cycle!!!!!! YAY!

nancy said...
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nancy said...

A few things ...

1) Remember to have him abstain before the IUI. Usually that's for 3 days. Make sure you get the rules from your doc.

2) Insemination is 36 hours after trigger? Okay, here is a lot of assvice. I personally think this is a scary way to do things. See, some docs will trigger when the follicles are "mature" at an 18mm~ish size and then trigger, knowing they won't actually release for at least 24 hours because 18 is at the very beginning of the mature spectrum. But personally, I hate when docs do this. My RE didn't trigger until my follies reached 22mm and then when he triggered, they'd release within 12 hours, so the IUI would be in the morning.

Now, triggering at 18 "usually" works, but you MUST watch your body. Some people will react quickly to HCG trigger and you will O quickly, making the IUI too far away (egg only lasts 12-24 hours, which the first 12 is when it's "best"). So watch your body and keep an eye out for ovulation. The other issue some have is the trigger at 18mm makes the follie have to grow/release quicker than your body would have, so the egg inside actually ends up being immature. My doc said he waits until 22mm because an egg needs to be perfectly mature, not a hurried mature rate. (think of a roast taking 12 hours to cook on low, which is your body's way of cooking it, and the HCG is like setting it on high and making it cook faster. The low setting makes a better roast, the high setting, while cooking the roast, is tougher and drier.)

Just remember this is your body and yoy are paying him to do this. Watch your body for signs, okay?

Don't let me scare you though - many people eat their roasts after 4 hours on high and they love it. (ie: IUIs using your doc's protocol works often.)

3. Watch those cysts. Stimulating your ovaries WITH cysts? When we did that for me, I ended up with 9cm cysts that had me doubled over in pain. If you start feeling a lot of pain, demand an u/s.