Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm getting bitter....

So yesterday I was at work, sitting at my desk, minding my own business when C comes running up and says, "You'll never guess what I heard!"
(C somehow always knows ALL of the gossip. I dunno how and am not really sure that I want to know how)
She then proceded to tell me the T is pregnant! Not only is she pregnant but she is 5 months along and JUST FOUND OUT. She kept getting really sick and finally went to the doctor where they told her that she is 5 months along.


First off, how can you be 5 months along and not suspect anything? I suspect it every freakin' time I ovulate.

Here is the thing that really gets me. How is it that women all over the world accidentally? They just happen to have sex one time with some random guy and it just happens to be when they are ovulating. Why is it that those of us who have been having timed sex, every month without fail, with our husbands, can't get pregnant. We pee on sticks, get monthly bloodwork, prop our butts up after sex, and some even get the sperm shot directly into their uterus and still... nothing. WHY?


Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your coworker's surprise pregnancy - it just sucks.

I really don't understand how someone doesn't realize they're pregnant. At five months, she should've been feeling some serious baby kicks in the belly. WTF?

I had a friend who got pregnant while taking the pill AND using a condom. The condom broke once and somehow an egg still popped out despite the birth control pills - and she got pregnant. And there I was shooting 200 million sperm up into my reproductive tract with multiple eggs on the loose... and NOTHING!!

I'm telling you, it's one big crap shoot.

Chele said...

Big Hug, I know your pain and it sucks. I however have been on both sides of this issue. Derek was conceived while on bc (no missed pills or meds he was just one of those small %). Jake was conceived when Derek was a little over 4 months old while we were using condoms and spermacide.

On the flip side we ttc for a third child nearly 6 years before conceiving last April, sadly it was ectopic and ended with a tubal rupture. We've since given up and are moving on. I don't know why some people fall pg against all the odds while others struggle so desperately. It's hard to accept or to even begin to understand.

I myself knew I was pg and especially with Derek when I was so ill from about 6 weeks. I think she probably suspected but was in denial.

Keeping ++++ vibes that you get your BFP soon.

Hmmmm, my word for the word verification is "storke". How strange!

Amy said...

It's unfair when things like this happen. But how she could be 5 months along and have no clue just seems odd to me. Did the lack of a period not give her a hint. Sometimes I think people like to tell stories to make themselves feel special.

You will get your BFP and it will be that much more special because it's something you wanted and something you prepared yourself physically and emotionally for.

junebug said...

I feel your pain. How can I do it all the freaking time watching all the sticks and meds and charts but others just look at a man and boom get pregnant.
Nothing in my life has made me have to fight so hard against getting bitter as my last 7 years of ttc.
So I thought it odd that the other lady got storke for a verification word and my word is venirot. It sounds like a word describing someone who has a female part that is rotten. Or I could just be being bitter. :-)

Chele said...

CoCo you're a winner! Email me your addy so I can send the pg tests to you. Maybe they will be super lucky for you!

Good luck!

To A T said...

((HUGS)) I completely understand how you feel. HOw is it that some 16 yr old that is high and wasted off her @ss can get preggo while still on BCP and people that try and try and are financially sound and ready, can't?!?!? It makes me so angry sometimes!
Oh and how can you NOT know or at least suspect that you are preggo? I mean really?!