Friday, February 27, 2009

Just the beginning...

I went to the RE today for my baseline ultrasound. Dr A. says I have about 7 cysts on my right ovary and none on my left. He isn't concerned about the cysts since they are small enough to resolve themselves. Other than that he said that everything looked good and ready to go!

Here is my "schedule" for this cycle:

CD2: Baseline u/s

CD5-9: Clomid 100mg daily

CD12: u/s to check if follicles are mature. If so, will be given a specific time to take Ovidrel (HCG shot). Schedule insemination for 36 hours later

CD13/14: Hubby goes in to "collect specimen" 1 1/2 hours before scheduled insemination time. IUI! Have sex that night and for the next 2 nights.

CD16/17 (three days after IUI): Start progesterone suppositories.

CD29/30: Home pregnancy test. If + call office, if - wait for AF and start all over again.

**I know you girls know how this goes....I just wanted it for my records! :)**

I can't believe we are actually doing this!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tennis Match

Every cycle there is a very small part of my brain that think I am pregnant. This is the hopeful part of my brain. That part finds something different about the cycle that must mean I am pg. This cycle I had sore boobs which I almost never have, or at least I convinced myself I don't.

The rest of my brain is the realistic part. That part knows that AF is coming. It recognizes the symptoms and takes it for what it's worth. It knows that I am not pregnant.

For the past few days the hopeful and realistic sides of my brain have been battling for my sanity. It has felt like a tennis match inside my head. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

I have been checking my panties like once every half hour. I was practically begging AF to come. While I was begging, though, the hopeful side of the brain was saying, "You just don't want to jinx it by thinking it. Don't worry... your pregnant!" I just wanted it to end. I just wanted to know one way or another.

I FINALLY started this morning. Woo-hoo for me. :/ Just because I knew it was coming and practically wanted it to hurry up doesn't mean that it isn't disappointing. Wouldn't it have been nice to call the RE and say "I don't need you afterall! I can make a baby on my own!" Ahh, a girl can dream can't she?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I can't think of anything to blog about but feel the need to do it. So, I copied this from Christina!

* What are your middle names? Mine is Elaine and hubby has two, David Scott
* How long have you been together? Since October 2006
* How long did you know each other before you started dating? Like a couple of days... (if that)
* Who asked who out? He did :)
* How old were each of you when you met? I was 20, he was 21
* How old are each of you now? I am 22 and he is 23
* How long did you date before becoming engaged? 2 months
* How tall are each of you? I am 5'8". His driver's license says that he is 6' but he DEFINITELY is not. I say he is 5'8" (with heels, I am taller)
* Whose siblings do you see the most? Mine. We are both pretty close to my family
* Do you have any children together? nope
* What about pets? We have a Boston terrier named Jade. She is our baby!
* Did you go to the same school? no
* Are you from the same hometown? yes, he was born here and I have lived here most of my life.
* Who is the smartest? Hmm, tricky one! I'm gonna say me ;)
* Who is the most sensitive? Without a question, me
* Where do you eat out most as a couple? Applebee's, his favorite
* Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Disney World for our honeymoon
* Who does the cooking? It depends. He does breakfast on the weekends because he makes the best tacos and omelette's. I do more of the dinner cooking.
*Who is more social? Probably me
* Who is the neat-freak? Neither one of us, our apartment is almost always dirty or cluttered
*Who hogs the bed? He says I do, I say he does
* Who wakes up earlier? Me, he doesn't get up till about 11am because he works till about 1am
* Who has the bigger family? Me, mine is huge
* How do you spend the holidays? We try to spend some time with both families
* Who is more jealous? me
* Do you have little pet names for each other? I mostly call him baby, honey and sugar. He goes through pet name phases with me. He will make one up and use it for a couple of months until he comes up with a new one. It used to be pumpkin-juice and right now it is baby-cakes (Yeah, weird I know)
* How long did it take to get serious? About 2 weeks
* Who eats more? He like huge meals, I am a grazer
*Who sings better? Both of us are awful
*Who’s older? him
* Who does the dishes? He does! I love it!
*Who snores? He does and he says I do too, I say I don't
* Who’s better with the computer? Me, he mostly just knows how to get on the Internet
* Who drives? Neither one of us likes to drive but he usually does it when we are together
* Who kissed who first? I think it was kind of mutual
* Who eats more sweets? Probably me, all of my teeth are sweet teeth!

Friday, February 20, 2009

RE Questions

Things to ask the nurse today:

  • What does Dr. A. think about adding Metformin into the mix? I know that it has shown benefit patients with PCOS and IF. It can also help with blood sugar and weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Give receptionist hubby's insurance card for his blood work.
  • Who do I need to get to order a oral diabetes test? PCOS can cause diabetes because it controls how you use your insulin. EVERYTHING I read says that once you are diagnosed the first thing you need to do is get a oral (not blood) test for diabetes. I'm jut not sure if the RE, OBGYN, or PCP would be the one to ask.
  • Timeline and CDs that everything will take place. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything at our appt so I forgot to write things down.


So, we had our first RE consultation. First of all, I am really happy with the choice I made in doctors. Dr A. is great! Both hubby and I really like him and felt like he was in this business for more than just the money, which is really important to us. The staff is super nice and the office is brand new. We very much felt like they were the right choice.

The first thing we did was meet Dr. A. in his office. He did sort of a power point on how the reproductive system works and what needs to happen in order to conceive. I, of course, already knew all of that but I think that hubby actually learned some from it. He also went over the statistics of anyone getting pregnant. In regards to hubby's sperm Dr. A. said that he will not diagnose anything off of one test. He said that once we get a second SA done, we will go from there (which we are doing today). Then he asked about my menstrual history which has always been crazy. He asked if since I have gone off of birth control I have had excess hair on my body, acne, or have been losing my hair. Check, check, check, I have had all of those. He also asked if I ovulated on my own. Big NO. He told me that without doing any kind of test he was almost 100% sure that I have PCOS. Wow, that would explain a lot. He then goes on to tell me the list of symptoms. Weight gain around the belly, check. Inability to loose weight, check. Sleep apnea, check. Acne, check. Thinning hair, check. Inability to ovulate, double check. Irregular periods, check. Blood sugar issues, check. Dang, would have been nice if my OBGYN would have tested me for this when I asked her to, could have been dealing with this a long time ago.

Anyway, back to the appointment! Next we had a trans-vaginal ultrasound. You should have seen hubby's face when I explained to him what they were going to do with the wand with the big condom on it. Priceless. I thought he might pee his pants. So I lay back and look up and there is a little mini flat screen on the ceiling so that I can see with the doctor is seeing! Cool! One of my ovaries show that I did ovulate this month, possibly twice. The other side did not, and it shows definite PCOS.

So the here is the plan of action: Will start Clomid on CD3 with monitoring (finally). When the follies look good we will use a HCG trigger shot to induce O within 36-38 hrs. Hubby will go in and give his "specimen". They will do a sperm wash and an IUI. There is also a possibility of progesterone vaginal suppositories for the rest of the cycle.


Hubs and I both did blood work after that. His was just to check for things like HIV and hepatitis. Mine was that plus a bunch of other hormone tests.

Finally, it was time to meet with the financial coordinator. This was the moment we were both dreading. The first thing she told us that my insurance did not want to even hear the word "fertility", much less the word "infertility". They will not cover any of it. Super. Great. Somehow I am not surprised. Total cost for IUI: $950. This includes up to 4 office visits, up to 4 ultrasounds, insemination, pregnancy test. Ok so not as bad as I thought it would be but we still can't afford it right now. We told her that we would need a few months to save the money up.

So, once we leave I of course call my mom and tell her all the news. When I get to the part about the IUI costs she says something like, "I can do that. I will do that." WHAT? At this point I felt like I needed to tell the about the SMALL percentage of success. This isn't a guaruntee. She told me that she isn't stupid. My mother is paying for my IUI. Her one request is that if this doesn't work the first time, she will not have to listen to me apologize for her spending money on something that didn't work. I don't even have words for this. It means more to me than she will probably ever know.

Now we are just waiting for AF to come!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm getting bitter....

So yesterday I was at work, sitting at my desk, minding my own business when C comes running up and says, "You'll never guess what I heard!"
(C somehow always knows ALL of the gossip. I dunno how and am not really sure that I want to know how)
She then proceded to tell me the T is pregnant! Not only is she pregnant but she is 5 months along and JUST FOUND OUT. She kept getting really sick and finally went to the doctor where they told her that she is 5 months along.


First off, how can you be 5 months along and not suspect anything? I suspect it every freakin' time I ovulate.

Here is the thing that really gets me. How is it that women all over the world accidentally? They just happen to have sex one time with some random guy and it just happens to be when they are ovulating. Why is it that those of us who have been having timed sex, every month without fail, with our husbands, can't get pregnant. We pee on sticks, get monthly bloodwork, prop our butts up after sex, and some even get the sperm shot directly into their uterus and still... nothing. WHY?

Monday, February 9, 2009


So today is CD14! Usually by now I have been using OPKs twice a day for 2 days and checking my cervix and CM several times a day. I haven't done any of that this time!

On Friday I decided that I wasn't going to be using OPKs this cycle. I know that I am Oing because of the Femara and I pretty much know what around what day it will be. Also, I am out and hate to spend the money on the kind from the store when I know how cheap I can get them online. It was a good thing because I spent the whole weekend out doing things so it would've been hard to time the OPKs right.

As far as checking my cervix and CM, I kind of totally forgot! Like I said, my crazy weekend had a lot to with it, but I'm not totally convinced that it tells me that much anyway!

We have been "doing the dirty" though! It's been nice, really, it wasn't forced or planned, just kind of happened every time. I am hoping that it will "just happen" tonight too!

It's been nice to just kind of forget about TTC! I am hoping that I will be able to continue this attitude through the 2WW. What are the chances? :)

Weekend Rap-up

It was a crazy weekend! I am exhausted and sore all over and am so happy that it is over!

Here's how it went:

Friday night: Went to my mom's house after work to hang out with her and my little brother. We ended up running a few errands and then just chilling at her house until about 11:30pm. I went home and got in bed (exciting, i know). Hubby got home from work around 12:30am and brought his BFF with him. I got up and we all sat on the porch and talked while they drank beers. I am still dumbfounded by the fact that a man of my hubby's size can be buzzed after to light beers and drunk after 3. Went to bed around 2:45am.

Saturday: Got up at 7:30am to go and help my mom with her garage sale. Hubby not happy at all but with a quick run to the nearest Mexican restaurant for breakfast tacos he was all better. Garage sale went great! People bought some ridiculous junk! The best part of that the local Humane Society came and picked up everything that was left, so we didn't have to load it all to Goodwill!

As soon as the garage sale was done Moving Day (for my mom) started. We worked, packing, lifted, heaved, and pushed until about 9:30pm. By the time hubby and I walked in the door at home all we could do was shower and head to bed. We were sooo tired. I think I was out by 10:30pm.

Sunday: Got up around 9am. My wonderful wonderful hubby made me delish breakfast tacos. mmmm... I love him! Hubby left for work and I left for church. After church I had lunch with mom, brother, aunt and uncle. Then more moving.... :( Finally left my mom's house around 9:00pm. Went home, took a hot bath and a shower with hubby. Fell into bed around 10:30pm.

We got A LOT done! I just need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

X-Men Babies

So we got the dreaded and much anticipated call from the doctors office this morning. Everything looked good and normal except the morphology. The nurse said it is at 27%. According to her this is below normal. She said that the normal range is 30-50%. She also said that I would know need to see an RE. She gave me a couple of names and told me to let her know which one I pick.

I'm not gonna lie. I kind of freaked. I have this tendency to automatically think of the worst possible situation. All I could think about was the fact that I don't think my insurance covers a RE so it certainly wouldn't cover anything like an IUI. Hubby and I are in no way poor but we don't have the kind of money it takes pay for that kind of thing on our own. Therefore I was convinced that I would never have a child.

Once I talked to my hubby he calmed me down and asked me to explain everything to him. I did the best that I could, over the phone, with my limited knowledge of semen analysis results. Once I finished this was how the conversation went:

hubby: " does this mean that we are going to have, like, X-Men babies?"

me: "Huh? What? What are you talking about?"

hubby: "You know, are we going to have, like mutated, messed up babies? Like deformed babies?"

me: "Um, yeah, no. Doesn't really work like that"

I can always count on him to make me laugh, even if he is completely serious. And trust me, he was very seriously worried about the X-men babies.

That afternoon I got on the website of one of the Fertility Clinics that was recommended to me. It had so much helpful information! The most interesting thing that I found was that the "range" of normal morphology that my dr. was using maybe out dated. According to my research it depends on what study/method the dr. uses. The most recent one I found suggests that anything above 14% is normal. That was extremely encouraging to read!

So my plan is this:
I am going to call the financial coordinator at that clinic and see if she can do a benefits check on my insurance for me. That would be so much easier than me trying to do it on my lunch break. Hopefully the insurance will at least cover the intial visit. I really want to see this doctor and hear what they think. So pray that we can at least do that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Operation Giz-in-a-cup is complete! YAY!

I had to work today so it has been killing me to hand over the "control reins" to my hubby. Not that I wanted to do the test for him but I hate having to trust him to do it all right. The only problem he had was that he forgot the prescription at home even though I left it with my handwritten instructions and directions. ;) Luckily that was easily remedied by having my OBGYN fax a copy over to the lab.

So, hubby says that the results will be in after lunch! When I asked him if the lab was going to call us then or just send the results over to my dr. his answer was something like, "How am I supposed to know?". Umm, yeah, I'll just find out myself, thank you very much.

Eek! I'm nervous! I will update when I hear something!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I keep sitting down to start new posts and can't come up with anything more than a few sentences. I feel like my brain is all over the place! I don't even know if it is a real side effect but I am going to blame it on the Femara. Hey, why not? I blame everything else on it. :)

So here's what has been going on:

  • I am in my favorite part of my cycle! The time between AF and O! There's no worrying, obsessing because there is really nothing to do!
  • I am having HOT FLASHES! My hands get so sweaty I can't even type. GROSS!
  • I am in the midst of helping my mom move and she is driving me crazy. She is dragging this out into a two-week long move. She just wants to do a little bit at a time. It's driving me nuts (which could also be blamed on the Femara :)
  • My house looks like a tornado hit it. It's so overwhelming that I just keep putting it off because I don't know where to start.
  • This morning I was supposed to be at work at 8:30am. A coworker texted me at 8:36am to ask where I was at. I was still sleeping! I am literally pushing it with my attendance so I spent the drive over here praying I wouldn't get fired. Luckily my boss was in a good mood this morning! I am feeling pretty gross though from jumping into some clothes and coming without a shower. yuck!
  • I think that I am addicted to Google Reader....
  • Sometimes when I am feeling down about this whole TTC thing I get on here and read your blogs and sometimes it magically makes me feel better!
  • I think that Jade is lonely and needs a "friend" but I'm not sure that I even want another dog.