Monday, January 12, 2009

TTC History

01/08- Took last BCP! YAY! Surely I will be pregnant in no time!

02/08-09/08 Some periods never coming, some lasting only 2 days.

09/23/08- Start Provera to end a 45 (give or take a day or two) day cycle. Horrible, horrible mood swings and other side effects.

10/02/08- Start Femara to induce Ovulation.

11/02/08- Start 2nd round of Femara. Side effects include daily headaches and hot flashes.

12/03/08- Start 3rd round of Femara.

01/01/09- Start 4th round of Femara.

01/06/09- HSG to rule out fallopian tube blockage. All is clear! Semen Analysis is ordered.

01/12/09- Semen Analysis approved by hubby's PCP but is not covered under HMO. BOO!

01/21/09- Since SA will be self-pay, we decide to wait until next month to do the SA *just in case* I am pregnant.

02/05/09- SA went off without a hitch!

02/06/09- Receive results of SA. Everything looks normal but morphology which is at 27%. Referred to RE.

02/19/09- First RE appt. Diagnosed with PCOS. Repeat SA ordered.


Chele said...

++++ vibes you are pg and can forgo the test. If not, good luck, I hope the results come back favorably. If you are self paying, call ahead and ask if they give a discount for self pays. Our hospital gives a 30% discount. Do NOT give them your insurance card!

Good luck!

Leatrice said...

yep timing of the SA is difficult. We had ours done, got bad results, and then turns out I got pregnant that same month. Good luck and I'll send up a prayer for your bfp!