Monday, January 19, 2009

I hate TTC

It's been a while since I posted. Every time I think about starting a post I get mad. The past week hasn't been a very good one for me. I have started allowing my anger and hurt about TTC spill over into the rest of my life. I have let it effect my work and my home life. The worst part though is that I have let it effect my marriage. For about 3 days hubby and I did nothing but fight or give eachother the silent treatment. I have got to figure out a way to "express" the things that I am feeling about TTC so that I don't spend my life in a bad mood. In the mean time I am working on it, the best that I know how.


Coco said...


To A T said...

Yay! I can comment now :)

I'm sorry that TTC has gotten so horrible for you :( I completely understand how you feel! There was a time when seeing preggos didn't bother me at all, I wasn't bitter, I actually LIKED TTC! And now... well let's just say it makes a lot of my life miserable :( The ups and downs are exhausting.

Hang in there chica! You WILL be a mommy someday. And that little person will know you love them that much more because you worked so hard to get them :)

Melissa said...

Yay, comments are working! ;-)

TTC can definitely take its toll on your life, your job, your marriage, everything. Trust me, I've been there.

My husband and I have an awesome marriage and we get along phenomenally well. However, TTC definitely challenged the strength of our marriage. In the 9 years that my husband and I have been together, the TTC months were the only time we fought and cried on a regular basis. It was a daily stressor in our lives. Happily, those days are now a distant memory.

I found that blogging was a good way to get my anger out. It really does help. TTC message boards were a tremendous help as well because I had access to so many women who were going through the same struggles.

Hang in there. This journey sucks - it's a wild rollercoaster ride. I hope your BFP is right around the corner!

Chele said...

As you can see many of us have been there and done that. I can say for us it has gone in cycles. We have the official diagnosis of unexplained secondary infertility. We've been ttc our 3rd child for almost 7 years with one loss last April. We all have to figure out on our own the best way to deal with the rollercoaster of emotions. What works for one person or couple usually doesn't work for another. Just know that you will work your way through it. Sending out lots of BFP vibes.

Good luck!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

I know what you mean. TTC can just take over our lives. I know it has mine. It seems so hard to seperate TTC from home life & even work. I hope you and your hubby stop arguing. Its tough. TTC just stinks sometimes! (((HUGS)))

junebug said...

I'm with you! It is tough. It affected our marriage until I finally made an effort to (lots of crying, screaming, kicking, etc.) not let it. We are in our 7th year of TTC with no luck and our marriage is actually stronger because of it. I started insisting on a fantastic vacation once a year where even if we sit in a condo for a week staring at the ocean we don't think about TTC and focus on enjoying each other. It made all the difference in my attitude (I need the change of scenery) and our relationship(he missed being my focus). I have to be very frugal and plan every detail but it is worth my sanity. I can't give good advice of the job front because I haven't solved that problem yet. I wish you the best of luck! (hugs)