Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today has not been a great day. I spent about an hour crying at my desk at work. I had an evaluation that seemed like it just kind of pushed me over the edge. It wasn't a bad eval., it just wasn't a good one either. I am basically doing pretty mediocre at my job. I don't know why this upset me so much cause I really don't care that much about this job but it did. I sat here and felt sorry for myself. I felt sorry for myself because my hubby works evenings and I don't get to see him that often. I felt sorry for myself because I'm not pregnant. And on and on.

So, in an attempt to remind myself that my life isn't so bad I am going to start making lists of what I am grateful for. I have a lot of things in my life that other people don't have. I don't know how often I will do it or for how long, but hopefully I can keep it going.

I am grateful for...

  • My God. He continues to love and accept me with open arms no matter how imperfect I am. He gives me so much comfort.
  • My Hubby. While the two of us have more than our fair shares of ups and downs, he is walways there no matter what. And he has this uncanny ability to make me laugh.
  • My family, immediate and extended. They are amazing! I have such close relationships with some of them, I don't know what I would do without them.
  • My baby-dog, Jade. She is ALWAYS there to make me laugh, snuggle with me or lick the tears off my face.
  • My job, even though I don't like it. There are alot of people right now that do not have jobs!
  • My ability to provide for myself. I have a warm house, food, and many luxuries (tv, laptop...)
  • Chocolate cake! My hubby brought some home last night and it really hit the spot!
  • Hot showers, enough said.
  • Sunshine.


Ophelia said...

Dude, what I wouldn't give for a lil bit of sunshine right now! It's freezing here!

Cheer up!

When life hands you lemons, chop em up and use them as a garnish for a cocktail! ;)

Morgan said...

Mmmm chocolate cake...darn you! now i want some! :)

Chele said...

UGH! Sounds like you've had a really rough day. Big hug! You've done what I do when I feel like everything has gone to shit. I also will read some of the sadder blogs and it reminds me how blessed and fortunate I am. Hoping you are feeling better today.

Stacie said...

Sorry for the bad day! I hope that today is better!

What a great list! I am a chocolate, hot shower, and sunshine lover myself!

'Murgdan' said...

...sometimes I too have to sit back and really make myself focus on all that I AM grateful for too...And dogs, sunshine, and chocolate cake must ALWAYS be on the list. :-)